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World record for one-loop calculations

Go to press release Physicists at Mainz University significantly improve the calculation method for scattering experiments in particle physics ...

Matthias Neubert receives an ERC Advanced Grant worth over 2.1 million Euros

Go to press release Extremely precise predictions can help LHC scientists in their search for the parameters of a new theory of nature ...

Christian W. Bauer comes to Mainz with Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award

Go to press release in German Internationally renowned young researcher in the field of Elementary Particle Physics visits Prof. Matthias Neubert press release in German ...

"Which Way to the Island?"
Article in "Science" published on the research of Prof. Christoph E. Düllmann at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry at JGU ...
JGU competes with other German universities in all three funding lines of the Excellence Initiative

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has submitted full proposals for a graduate school, three clusters of excellence, and its institutional strategy to promote top-level university research


JGU proven to be internationally outstanding in the field of physics

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The Academic Ranking of World Universities has listed the Institute of Physics of Mainz University as one of the 75 best worldwide


When dynamics are encoded in statics
Assistant Professor Harvey Meyer presents formula which for the first time allows for the calculation of an important scattering process in Particle Physics (press release in German) ...
Science Council supports construction of new research buildings in Mainz
Federal government to take over half of the investment in the construction of a new building for the Helmholtz Institute Mainz (press release in German) ...
Quantum leap: Magnetic properties of a single proton directly observed for the first time

Go to press release Most important milestone in the direct measurement of the magnetic moment of the proton and its anti-particle has been achieved / Focusing the matter-antimatter symmetry ...

Ultracold neutrons for science: UCNs will help to solve mysteries of astrophysics

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Mainz has the most powerful source of ultracold neutrons, opening up the possibility of conducting a key experiment to determine the life time of the neutron


19.05.2011 - 20.05.2011
Workshop on Machine Aspects and Physics of the MESA Accelerator

The workshop at JGU will focus on machine aspects as well as possible precision measurements at the proposed low-energy electron scattering facility MESA in Mainz


Cosmological development of black holes – new opportunities for observation
Opening event of the Physical Colloquium Mainz with a lecture by Professor Günther Hasinger of the Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics, Garching, and the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii (web page in German) ...
New data from XENON100 narrows down the search for dark matter

No evidence for the existence of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs)


Helmholtz Institute Mainz admitted to Mainz Science Alliance
Further members of the network also include the IBM branch office in Mainz and the Institute of Molecular Biology (web page in German) ...
At lightning speed through the forest
Society for Heavy Ion Research starts countdown for one of the biggest basic research projects – article in the "Frankfurter Rundschau" (web page in German) ...
Minister of Science Doris Ahnen congratulates successful universities in Mainz and Kaiserslautern
With its institutional strategy "The Gutenberg Spirit: Moving Minds - Crossing Boundaries", JGU has chances to become one of Germany's so-called Universities of Excellence ...
Off to a flying start in the Federal Excellence Competition
JGU enters the final round of the Excellence Initiative with its definite proposals for a graduate school, three clusters of excellence, and its future concept ...
Searching for the components of dark matter
JGU-Professor Uwe Oberlack participates in the XENON100 experiment at the Gran Sasso Massif (press release in German) ...