Alumni Excellence Track

Lorin Armbruster

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Forschungsinteressen: Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology, Higgs Physics, Higher-dimensional Field Theory

Now intern at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Edward Finkelstein

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Forschungsinteressen: Experimental Particle Physics, Machine Learning, and high-performance scientific computing

Now PhD student at the Machine Learning and Physical Simulation group in Aarhus university

Alena Romanova

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Forschungsinteressen: Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Communication and Computing, Quantum Optics

Now finishing the double degree in Mathematics

Jingyan Xu

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Forschungsinteressen: hyperpolarization techniques for enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

Aktuell Doktorand in Dr. Danila Barskiy’s Forschungsgruppe (HIM, MAM group)